Xbox One: The Most-Awaited Game Console in the Whole World

Have you heard about the Xbox One?

Many people already know about this one. If you are still unaware as to what is this, then you are certainly missing a big part of your life. This article will tell you about this new Xbox console that will surely be one of your favorite games console once you already found out what are its features and product details. Are you ready to enter the world of Microsoft Xbox? Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a super fun ride in exploring all the useful details regarding Microsoft Xbox.

What Is Xbox One?

Xbox One, or most commonly referred to as Xbox 720, is the latest model of the Xbox video game. The Xbox 720 release date was on May 21, 2013. It was one of the most special days for the Microsoft company as it is the launch of its newest and most awaited Xbox model. There were many speculations with regard to the newest Xbox mode even before it was released on May 21, 2013. As a matter of fact, people were playing mind games as to what would be the name of this newest model. There were many names linked with the product. Some of these were Xbox Infinity, Xbox 8, Xbox Fusion and many more. However, among all these names, the most popular one is the name Xbox 720. As a matter of fact, Xbox 720 is still used to refer this latest Xbox model until today. Many people are still using this name instead of using the official name of the latest model. Well, we cannot blame these people. For 2 years of waiting for the Xbox 720 release date, people have already been used to calling the latest Xbox model as Xbox 720.

xbox one

The Features of the New Xbox Console

We are fully aware that the Xbox 720 is the newest Xbox console. However, some people are still unaware as to what can this product offer. Is it really better compared to the Xbox 360? Is the product really worth the 2-year wait? Is the product that marvelous? Well, the answer to all these questions depend upon your own standard. People have their own perspective. Thus, it is only natural for us to have different views with regard to a single matter. However, to cut the curiosity down. Xbox 720 is absolutely better than Xbox 360. Of course, what can you expect from an upgraded version? It is surely upgraded features and product specification as well, right?

Some of the best features of the Xbox One is its enhance Kinect sensor. It can detect wrist movement, arm movement and even the slightest form of movement. In fact, it can also detect a person’s heartbeat while he/she is exercising. Another great feature is its 1080p camera HD. It is absolutely one of the many features that people are waiting for. The product surely has more features to look forward to. If you want to try its features that bad, then it is smart for you to get your own Xbox One as soon as you can.

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